Lost Judgement School Club Walkthrough

Lost Judgment School Stories Guide

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio loves to include an array of minigames whenever possible, but Lost Judgment takes it to a whole new level. During the main story, Yagami ends up involved with Seiryo High School, which feels like a separate game altogether. The school features ten School Stories that involve unique storylines of varying lengths, with a particular minigame each. Your performance has an impact on four Leadership stats that progress both the individual School Stories and an overarching storyline that ties it all together. 

This guide presents a full step-by-step walkthrough of each School Story, as well as how to increase Leadership stats

(Author’s Note: This walkthrough is currently in progress! We’re finishing details on the clubs as we advance through Lost Judgment. That being said, the details in this guide cover over 30 hours of playtime, so you have plenty to catch up on.)

How Does Leadership Work?

Your progress across all School Stories is interlinked with Leadership. This mechanic works similarly to stats in Persona games. Making progress on school clubs will give you experience towards one or multiple stats. Keep at it long enough and you’ll gain a level, and there are up to five across each of the four stats (Teamwork, Focus, Appeal, and Guts). This allows you to unlock new School Stories.

It’s important to know you won’t be able to complete all School Stories at once. Often, they will reach a certain point that will require you to increase a specific stat or advance in the main storyline before being able to proceed. You will always obtain notifications once one has reopened, so don’t fret about missing any news. In any case, you can look at your Tasks app on your phone to see if one has become available since the last time you checked.

How to Increase Leadership

Each School Story targets one or two stats. Here’s the full list in order:

    • Mystery Research Club – This club doesn’t increase any stats
    • Dance Club – Increases Teamwork and Appeal
    • Robotics Club – Increases Teamwork and Focus
    • Boxing Gym – Increases Guts
    • Biker Gang – Increases Appeal and Guts
    • Photography Club – Increases Focus
    • Skaters – Increases Focus
    • Esports Club – Increases Focus
    • Casino – Increases Guts
    • Girls’ Bar – Increases Appeal

Lost Judgement Mystery Research Club

Mystery Research Club Walkthrough

This is the first club you’ll gain access to. It serves as the foundation to the overarching storyline across all School Stories.

For this reason, progress for this club will be locked early on and won’t advance until you start completing the storylines for the other clubs, as well as the main story. Don’t worry about it too much! Just enjoy the game in the meantime, chipping at the clubs whenever you feel like to.

Dance Club Walkthrough

The Dance Club is unlocked just by progressing through the Mystery Research Club tutorial, which is part of the main storyline.

1. Continue the Dance Club Investigation

Perform a second dance. No revelations happen, but the story and the case file begins to evolve from here. Next time you do a song, Yagami will have the option to ask about the sugar baby case by wondering, “what can Nishizono tell me about sugar babying?”

  • You’ll have the option to choose Ask or Not yet

Make sure to Ask, although it won’t lead to much information at the moment. Yagami will then say he will need to get the club through prelims first in order to earn her trust and press on the topic. You need to play the same song again. In total, you need to practice it three times. You can do it all at once if you’d like. Then, you can choose to head to the dance meet and play the song again.

After a series of cutscenes, you’ll be back at the school. Enter the club training for another one, as well as a mention of improving Yagami’s dancing skills. Then, just head inside again for a conversation with Nishizono about a dance manual. A new song will be unlocked for your next conversation. As for the manual, it will automatically unlock the new selection of EX Solo movements.

After playing the song, Nishizono will request to talk about something in private. Following the conversation, you will obtain the Photo of Maika Takanashi as evidence. She will mention the sugar baby case again. You will have to continue this at Isezaki Road.

2. Find Takanashi in Isezaki Road

For this to become available, you will have to progress through the main storyline in Chapter 3. Once you get the objective to Use Gadgets to Find the Arachnid Man, head to Isezaki Road to begin the mission.

Upon arrival, you will notice a marked spot on the ground that says Begin Target Search. Right when the search starts, you will see a couple of students around you. However, Takanashi can be found talking on her phone inside the restaurant. You can either enter or just aim and Focus on her from the window outside.

3. Talk to Amasawa on Isezaki Road

Talk to Amasawa on the other side of the street. Then, a Tailing sequence will begin; luckily, it’s not super long. After a cutscene, prepare yourself for a fight against an old acquaintance and his friends. The three of you will then return to HQ, where you’ll be able to ask Takanashi a couple of questions. Feel free to do these in any order and just focus on paying attention to the story!

4. Head to Itokura’s House

This is your next objective. You can kickstart this at any time from the club HQ by talking to Amasawa. After you pay Itokura a visit, at one point you will have to come up with a valid excuse to convince her.

  • Why not come in for the MRC? – This is the correct answer
  • Why not join the Dance Club?

After this, Takanashi will return to the Dance Club.

5. Ask Amasawa About the Website

The following section will have Yagami discovering the wonders of the internet. At one point, you’ll be granted a new piece of evidence, and the task will be over.

6. Continue the Dance Club Investigation

Head to the training room to find Takanashi already back in the club. After a few cutscenes, you will find a familiar face and come back to the MRC. It’s likely that finishing this will increase your Teamwork to level 2. Head back to training to find Nishizono talking about the advisor, who seems to have finally shown up for work.

7. Meet Komekado in the Faculty Room

Head to the second floor to finally meet this guy. He will tell you why he’s been avoiding the dance club (TLDR; he’s a coward). In exchange for that information, you will receive the Dance Textbook (Popping).

8. Tell Nishizodo about Meeting Komekado

From here, just head back to the training room for a brief cutscene.

9. Continue the Dance Club investigation

In case you haven’t already, it’s time to go back to the rhythm minigame and max out the second song. Then, it’s time for the Regionals competition.

10. Head to the Finals for Regionals

Talk to Nishizono when you’re ready for the competition. Pick whichever difficulty is best for you. After you receive messages from Amasawa, head to the MRC clubroom.

11. Talk to Amasawa in the MRC Club Room

After a brief chat with Amasawa and the newest team member, you will have to wait to continue researching. Or not, as Amasawa will immediately tell you about the other Seiryo club as soon as you exit the school. It’s up to you when you want to continue. This will unlock the Seiryo High Robotics Club. In the meantime, the Dance Club will be locked until you reach Appeal level 3 or more.

12. Continue the Dance Club Investigation

Once you reach Appeal level 3 (the Skateboard club can help!), return to the group to find a person at the entrance. After a rather brief cutscene, you’ll be all set to resume the investigation, which means a new song to play.

Select Esmeralda when ready and hit the floor. You know how it follows from here: you need to reach level three for Esmeralda in order to participate in the prelims. During your second visit to the training room, a cutscene regarding Katashina will play out, which then resumes after you finish the song.

13. Head to Dance Jam Prelims

It’s time. Talk to Nishizono when you’re ready and go kick some ass in the tournament. Afterwards, you’ll be greeted with another cutscene. The next time you visit practice, there will be a strange event that will bring the storyline to a halt once more — at least until you reach Appeal level 5. See you then!

At this point, we were in Chapter 4 and couldn’t progress any further. This was at 75% of the storyline progress, so if you stumble upon a message saying so when you talk to Nishizono, resume the main story.

Lost Judgement Robotics Club 1

Robotics Club Walkthrough

The Robotics Club is unlocked by reaching 50% completion of the Dance Club storyline.

1. Talk to Amasawa at the MRC

After you return to HQ, feel free to ask Amasawa about the Robotics Club to learn more about it. You will receive the Thief-Bot’s Bolt evidence here.

2. Pop into the Robotics Club

Head to the fourth floor to meet the new club. It won’t be the smoothest of introductions, but what gives. Make sure to use the elevator to get to the fourth floor and make it easier to find.

3. Talk to the Robotics Club Members

Talk to all four of them individually. Not great chats, really, but keep on keeping on. After a series of events, you’ll end up in a tutorial. It’s rather straightforward and won’t present much of a challenge. (Don’t worry about the 14-page explainer, we’ve got you covered).

4. Report on the Robotics Club to Amasawa

Head back to the MRC and report to Amasawa about your surprisingly positive progress.

5. Continue the Robotics Club investigation

Go to the Robotics Club for another tutorial, this time about building and customizing robot parts. Once you’re done, a cutscene will play out after you head outside. You will meet the club’s advisor, Akuta, and ask her some questions afterwards. From here, you can head back inside and talk to Okitegawa to begin the next scrimmage. After you finish it, it’s likely that your Teamwork will be level 3.

6. Ask for Ikotura’s Assistance at the MRC

A bug will threaten to jeopardize all upcoming scrimmages, so it’s time for backup. After a brief cutscene, you will have to find Ikotura on the roof, so head to the fourth floor. The chat will then lead to a series of possibilities as Yagami wonders how to convince Itokura to stay in school.

  • Why not join the Robotics Club is the correct answer here.

Watch the cutscenes unfold and you’ll be set to continue.

7. Continue the Robotics Club Investigation

You will have to do yet another scrimmage. By this point, many new parts will become available, so make sure to develop as many as possible since it will start to get harder to win.

8. Find Sakura and Itokura at the Cafeteria

This is just another chill conversation where you get to ask a couple of questions and actually learn a thing or two about the club for once.

9. Continue the Robotics Club investigation

Go to the club for a quick chat with the team. Then, it’s time for the first showdown.

10. Head to the RE Robot Rally Preliminaries

The Robotics Club activity funds will be increased, so go ahead and spend as much as you’d like. Then, it’s time for preliminaries. Kick your opponent’s robotic ass to continue.

11. Continue the Robotics Club investigation

After a brief explanation of what’s to come, tension will settle in once more. Yagami will then try to prevent conflict from escalating.

  • Why not have an idea meeting? is the correct answer

The second conversation prompt is far broader. We asked Itokura what she thought about it, and she proposed an interesting alternative. Ultimately, you will end up asking for everyone’s opinions, so choose at will.

Then, go ahead and take part in another scrimmage. In the aftermath, a cutscene will play out, and your Focus will most likely level up to 2, as well. Return to the MRC for a briefing on the thief situation, and you will receive the Thief-Bot evidence. Take this and talk to Sakura about it in the club.

12. Find Sakura and the Others at the Cafeteria

A brief conversation will take place with some intriguing and mysterious revelations. 

13. Continue the Robotics Club investigation

Head back to the club for a short cutscene and then start a new scrimmage. New parts will become available, in case you fancy a makeover before entering the battle. Then, things will get complicated as Yagami questions what to do in a conversation prompt after the match.

  • Defend the Robotics Club is the (morally) correct answer here.

Another cutscene will play. Then, it’s time for the tournament.

14. Head to Round One of Robot RE Rally

New parts, as well as a new funds cap, will become available. Get ready for the tournament by purchasing or rearranging any needed parts. Once you’re done, various cutscenes await. The storyline will be locked temporarily, however, requiring you to have Teamwork level 4 and main/school story progress up to ???.

Lost Judgement Boxing Gym 1

Boxing Gym Walkthrough

The Boxing Gym becomes available once you reach Focus level 2.

As per usual, Amasawa will be happy to give you an introduction to this new club, so go ahead and pay her a visit. Yagami will ask her questions about it, and you will soon find out more about The Payback Boxer. Then, the story begins. You won’t be greeted with open arms in the Todoroki Boxing Gym, but Yagami isn’t giving up so easily.

1. Change Todoroki’s Mind

There are three options to choose from here:

  • Taunt – this is the correct answer.
  • Plead.
  • Throw in the towel.

After a series of conversations, the tutorial will begin. Follow it closely and don’t worry if you are taken down. Then, the first real fight begins.

2. Spar with Iwashita

This is a rather easy fight, so just have fun! After you have kicked Iwashita’s ass, a new cutscene will kickstart.

3. Spar with Oshikiri

While you’re already making strides in the club, this one is a toughie. Try to play defensively, dodging attacks and striking carefully to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Once the round is over Todoroki will offer his advice. You should listen to what he has to say.

You will learn to make use of EX Boost during boxing. Sweet! Make use of this by unleashing a flurry of attacks on him. Then, it’s all a matter of surviving the round, just as you did before. A cutscene will happen once the second round is over. Now, time for the third round. Oshikiri will go all-in and you won’t be able to hurt him. All that’s left to do is dodge his attacks until the countdown reaches zero.

4. Ask Todoroki about Oshikiri

After the cutscenes are over, talk to Todoroki about your new rival. Three options will appear:

  • Reason he can’t box.
  • Payback Boxer.
  • Oshikiri’s body.

You won’t get much out of the latter two, but asking about the reason why Oshikiri isn’t allowed to fight will open up a fourth option. Then, a fifth option on Oshikiri’s skills will become available.

5. Continue the Boxing Gym investigation

Now, it’s time to start practicing with some sparring sessions. You have already beaten Iwashita, so we recommend fighting the other two available boxers. Once you’ve done that, a cutscene will play out and the story will continue.

6. Tail Oshikiri

Yay, another tailing sequence. Luckily, it’s not that long, and there will be plenty of opportunities to hide behind cover. In case you were desperate to punch something after the stealth period, this sequence will culminate in a fight. Then, a brief cutscene will play out. From here on, continue with the investigation.

During your next visit, Todoroki will give you a present from Oshikiri on his behalf. It will be saved in your case file as the Boxing for Beginners (Ages 15 and Under) evidence. Tough one to swallow. After wrapping up the conversation, Yagami will automatically leave the gym only to receive a call from Amasawa about the case. You can continue investigating the gym.

Two more sparring partners are now available, so go ahead and take both of them down in the ring. Afterwards, it’s time for your first serious fight.

7. Defeat Onidake in a Match

Talk to Todoroki when ready and prepare to fight Onidake in the ring. He won’t be that different from the boxers you fought against so far. Afterwards, he will invite Yagami out for a drink, which grants the perfect opportunity to inquire about Oshikiri. Get drinks with Onidake and ask him questions in whichever order you like.

8. Continue the Boxing Gym investigation

After a few cutscenes, you’re going back to the ring. There’s a new sparring partner waiting for you whenever you’re ready. You will notice that there won’t be another partner after you’re done. In order to advance the storyline, exit the gym to receive a message from Amasawa. She wants to meet at the MRC HQ, so that’s where we’re heading next.

Return to the gym when ready to ask Todoroki about the Genbukai. This will go as expected. From there, just continue sparring at the gym. Three new partners will be waiting for you. Defeat them all and the second rival will introduce himself.

9. Defeat Sakuma in a Match

Sakuma is the second showdown match. He can be quite strong, so tread carefully and evade often to avoid his EX attacks. Finish him off and you’ll soon be able to get drinks with him at Bar Rodriguez in the Bar District. You know the drill: ask him questions about Oshikiri in any order.

At this point, we were in Chapter 4 and couldn’t progress any further; this was at 50% of the storyline progress. If you stumble upon a message saying so when you talk to Todoroki, resume the main story.

Seiryo High School Courtyard

Skaters Walkthrough

The Skaters storyline is unlocked once you reach Teamwork level 3. In order to kickstart this story, you will have to head to the courtyard. Just pinpoint the quest marker on the map to make it easier to find.

After witnessing the weird graffiti on the wall, you’ll have to head to the MRC for more information. During the first question, you will receive a Photo of Shikishima Spraying Graffiti as evidence. Continue progression through the conversation for another piece of evidence, this time being the Blue King Stencil Art.

1. Look for the Ijincho Hounds in Hamakita Park

You will have no problem finding them. After introducing yourself, you’ll tag along to a skate park. There, you will receive the Skate Park Usage Rights evidence during a brief chat.

Then, Yagami will be put to the test. The minigame is rather straightforward and, at least during this first stage, won’t present a big challenge by any means. After you finish, some developments will take place. Appeal may level up to 2, but storywise, you will encounter a group of dangerous people on your way out. Kick their butts and enjoy another conversation that will turn things around. Let’s continue.

2. Make an Appearance at the Blue King’s Hangout Spot

Catch up with the Blue King folks and you’ll head to the Skate Park with them. The problem is that there will be company, which leads to a competition. Honestly, it’s not that hard, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

3. Look into the Ijincho Hounds

From here, you can hit up the park whenever you’d like. Get Some Air and Flank the Bank will become available. If you don’t get any more progress after completing the two, focus on the main story. You’ll know when you can make progress since Chiyoda will ask if you want to tag along with them to the skate park. After a brief cutscene, Yagami is tasked to beat Mitsui’s score. It’s super easy; just make sure to grind whenever possible and use the ramps until you’ve met the 2,500 points requirement. Completing this will reward you with more missions in the park, as well as the Skateboard Races minigame.

Talk to the group again to kickstart another storyline event. This time, you will have to obtain at least 3000 points to beat Shikishima’s score. Once you’re done, the Shikishima’s Revenge evidence will be added to the case file. From here, head to the skate park whenever to tackle those three new missions and wait until the group is ready to proceed. Eventually, Chiyoda will send you a message asking if you can go and help with something.

4. Meet Up With Chiyoda at Hamakita Park

Some events will occur after you talk to Chiyoda and head to the skate park. Watch the story unfold and prepare to kick some butt.

You will then have to present evidence to answer which piece of evidence contradicts the fact that Shikishima is left-handed: 

  • Photo of Shikishima Spraying Graffiti – this is the correct answer.
  • Blue King Stencil Art.
  • Skate Park Usage Rights.
  • Shikishima’s Revenge.

It ain’t over yet. Now, why did Shikishima keep drawing graffiti with his right hand?

  • Message to Chiyoda – this is the correct answer.
  • Left hand was hurt.
  • Messed up by using his dominant hand.

From here, just enjoy the resolution of this story — the Ijincho Hounds investigation is over! But skate will never die.

Esports club Walkthrough

So, yes, there is an esports club in Lost Judgment. While it appears as “eSports” in-game, we aren’t encouraging that. This club will become available in Chapter 4. In order to kickstart the storyline, head to the MRC, where you’ll see a group of students at the entrance.

  1. Help the Kid Who’s Getting Shaken Down

You only need to talk to the kid named Toki to progress here. Afterwards, you and the rest of the team will gather at the MRC to know more about the club. Yagami will have the option to ask a few questions on the following:

  • Esports club.
  • Cheating allegations.

You can choose either and then follow the conversation in any order, so don’t worry about which one you pick first. Once done, it’s time to introduce yourself to the club.

2. Head to the esports club room

The club is located on the fourth floor — we highly recommend you use the elevator to get there. After an introductory cutscene, the minigame will be revealed. Hope you’re a fan of fighting games! If not, don’t worry, as the next step may help.

3. Learn the Basics of VF5FS from Toki

If you’re always avoiding the Virtua Fighter machine on the SEGA arcade: tough luck, bud. A tutorial message will showcase the basics, and then you’ll be able to put the lesson in practice with a quick match. Just pick whichever character from the roster.

4. We have a tip to progress through this club easily: Choose Akira as your character in every fight and, no matter what you do, repeat the same pattern. As soon as the fight starts, crouch and spam the Circle/B button for a low kick. Keep doing this until you’ve depleted your opponent’s health. You may get hit in later fights, but don’t pay attention to it. As long as you don’t move and just continue attacking in this way, you’ll be able to win every single fight. It’s not honorable, but it gets the job done.

Continue the story by heading outside, where you’ll stumble upon the newspaper member you saw early. Go ahead and meet him at the cafeteria. Choose all the conversation prompts here to know more about the investigation. Afterwards, proceed as per usual. You will have to visit the club periodically in order to advance the storyline. During your next visit in particular, Yagami will challenge Sanbonmatsu to a match, and you’ll get to learn more about who may be against the group. Sanbonmatsu will deny your request, but instead propose an alternative: you’ll have to defeat three of the strongest members of the club in order to fight against him (it feels a bit like Scott Pilgrim).

5. Beat Up the Guys

The objective is simple: beat up the guys. Now, whenever you interact with Toki, he will ask who you want to go against. Fujiwara comes first, who chose Akira as a character. There’ll be a cutscene after the fight, and then you can go ahead and choose to fight Yoshiba. He will choose Sarah as a character.

Same as before — expect a cutscene right after the fight. Then you’re free to challenge Uozumi. His fighter of choice is Brad. With all three evil ex—sorry, students— defeated, you can now challenge Sanbonmatsu.

6. Challenge Sanbonmatsu

Speak to Toki to arrange the match whenever you’re ready. His fighter of choice is Akira, as expected. Kick his ass and he will ask for a rematch. The second fight will be odd at times, but don’t worry about losing, as it’s part of the narrative. After a brief cutscene, you will have to uncover the trick to the cheating by inspecting Sanbonmatsu. The game will ask you to find evidence of foul play, and this can be done by examining his fightstick, which is the arcade controller sitting on top of the green chair on your left.

Turns out he was hiding something after all. This becomes even more obvious when he runs off and Yagami has to chase him. This is a fairly straightforward sequence, although he does throw quite a few objects, so be ready to dodge. At one point, he will grow tired and the chase will come to an end on the rooftop. Watch another cutscene and you’ll be back at the club with everyone. This is your moment to ask about his motive and the support he received. From here, just enjoy the resolution to the story.

Lost Judgement

Casino Walkthrough

The Casino is unlocked after reaching Appeal level 4.

Well, this isn’t a club per se, but we’re rolling with it either way. Talk to Amasawa to assess the situation. Then, it’s time to look for a way in. 

  1. Look for Hayakawa in Chinatown

Head over to Chinatown to continue the storyline. The spot is right beside the S Chinatown taxi spot, so it’s up to you if you want to go on foot or just take the easy way there. Get close to the bathroom’s entrance and a cutscene will play out. It may seem obvious, but Yagami still doesn’t get it, so you will have to learn more about the casino. For this, head over to the central street of Chinatown, which is only a block away from your current spot.

There, you will see two NPCs in suits with a dialogue prompt. They will tell you about having heard about it from Chatter, so use the Buzz Researcher to pinpoint the mentions of the keyword. Turns out they’re coming from the starting location, so head back to the bathroom stalls. Try and get in. You will fail, but that’s okay since we’re going to find a way to get the bathroom guy to talk. While keeping your distance, switch to a first-person perspective and aim the Noise Amp at the bouncer. A cutscene will play out and you will learn some valuable info.

2. Give the Password at Ebisu Pawn

The pawn shop can be found at W Bayside St. (you can take a taxi to The Bee if you’d like). Talk to the employee at the counter and tell him the password. You have the following options:

  • “Bony chick.”
  • “Show me the money.”
  • “Bon au chic” – this is the correct answer.
  • “Ba-dum tss.”

Sadly, the membership card comes with a cost of 50,000 yen. Depending on where you’re at in the story, this may not be a high price. If anything, you can always return later. The membership card will be handed to you as evidence. Now, go ahead and return to the Chinatown bathroom. Talk to the bouncer and he will finally let you in.

3. Look for Kohaku Hayakawa

A new target search will begin once you enter the casino. From where you begin the search, Hayakawa can be spotted on the third table wearing a suit, gloves and a fedora. She’s joined by an old man who is also wearing a suit. Go ahead and talk to her.

She won’t confess easily. Yagami will think of three options:

  • Gamble for the truth – this is the correct answer.
  • Check to see if they’re a man – this shouldn’t be an answer.
  • Take Hayakawa’s fingerprints.

That should do it. All that’s left to do now is purchase some chips (you will need at least 100 chips) and challenge Hayakawa to poker. Don’t worry, I don’t know jack shit about poker, either; you’re meant to lose either way.

Yagami will convince her for a second go, but he’s noticed something is off. You’ll have to observe how Hayakawa reads emotions. For this, switch over to first person again and examine her. After the observation is over, there is not much you can do here. Return to the MRC and brainstorm Hayakawa Countermeasures with Amasawa. A list of options will appear during the conversation —- the correct answer is smell.

4. Find Effective Scent Camouflage

It’s time to put that theory to the test. Head all the way to E Tsurukame Hwy. and go inside the Welcome Pharmacy there. All you have to do is purchase the Perfume at the counter for 3,800 yen. You can now go ahead and try it out while playing against Hayakawa.

5. Beat Hayakawa at Poker

Purchase at least 100 chips again and challenge Hayakawa to a rematch. You actually need to win this one, which means you can either retry several times until luck is on your side (it took us five tries) or hunt down the Royal Joker Card. Either way, as long as you win just one hand, that will be enough. From here on, enjoy the resolution of the story.

Biker Gang Walkthrough

The Biker Gang is unlocked by reaching Guts level 2.

A new storyline begins, and this one involves a biker gang. As per usual, you’ll have to (Motör)head to the MRC to receive the brief from Amasawa. Then, your first task involves meeting up with Kento at Hamakita Park at night. Kento will give you the keys to the Cocta Scooter, as well as the Biker Jumpsuit as evidence. A series of cutscenes will play out, so go ahead and enjoy them, as the storyline starts off in peculiar ways. After a short while, you’ll be in your first Death Race.

This is against Kanasugi’s gang. It’s pretty much a tutorial, so don’t worry too much about it — feel free to experiment with the controls and get the feel of the minigame. Expect a few more cutscenes right after, and then you’re free to spend as much time in the garage as you’d like. The place is yours now, and it’s where the Biker Gang storyline will take place.

Whenever you’re up to it, select Death Race in the garage menu to continue earning your stripes. Your next rival is Matatabi, who has really cool hair. You will have to take down a total of six subordinates before racing him to the finish line. Achieve victory and enjoy the following cutscenes, as they’re a ride. In the meantime, you will receive Seyama’s Business Card as evidence. You will also get the chance to ask him questions about the biker gang.

Finish the chat and you can then return to the garage to start the second Death Race. This one is against Shungiku. This race has a total of ten subordinates for you to take down. The next race is against Imogashira. There will be 14 subordinates here, which makes for a lengthy showdown. The story will continue to progress after the race, and your next target will be the leader Hanasaki, who is also known as Bomber.

  1. Try to Tail Bomber

After talking to the racers you just beat, they’ll give you a tip on Bomber’s possible weakness. You will have to go and find him, which is done automatically. Then, a tailing sequence will kick off. This isn’t a long tailing by any means.

2. Talk to Bomber’s Girlfriend

A turn of events will take place and Yagami, being as kind and intrusive as he is, wants to talk to Bomber’s girlfriend about it. Go ahead and ask her a few questions. Quite curiously, you will learn the meaning behind the fireworks — and it rules.

3. Beat Bomer in the Death Race

It’s time for you to take down the first gang by facing Hanasaki. In order to get to him, you will first need to take down 15 subordinates. Once you’re done, enjoy the cutscenes. You’ll be rewarded with the Speed Bow Motorcycle, too!

After this, in order to continue the storyline, you will need to have Guts at level 3 (the Boxing Gym can help with this).

4. Race Against the Raging Angels

Once you’ve reached Guts level 3, return to the garage and resume the storyline by attending a new Death Race. The age of the Raging Angels commences. Rabuho is the first racer, and she’s already off to a daunting start. Luckily, you will only have to beat five of her subordinates. Finish the race and get ready to reunite with a familiar face afterwards. As per usual, feel free to ask him questions in any order.

Coconut comes next, alongside her eight subordinates. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But on the other hand, the third opponent, Seiryoin, introduces herself in a… different fashion. She has 10 subordinates alongside her. Achieve victory and you will get to race against the leader.

Seyama will appear during a cutscene afterwards, and you can ask him a few questions about your rival. Interestingly enough, you’ll obtain the Promise to Disband Made in Heaven evidence for the case file.

5. Beat Rina Minagawa in the Death Race

It’s time. Rina will bring all of her preaching about Valhalla to the race, with a total of 11 subordinates tagging along. But this won’t prove to be that troublesome. Afterwards, you will have to convince Rina to quit. For this, Yagami will ask himself what was Reiji Murasaki’s last wish:

  • Biker Jumpsuit.
  • Seyama’s Business Card.
  • Promise to Disband Made in Heaven – this is the correct answer.

Watch the final cutscene of the Raging Angels’ story. Your reward for this is the Lambda 250 Moped. At this point, we were in Chapter 4 and couldn’t progress any further. This was at 50% of the storyline progress, If you stumble upon a message saying so when you enter the garage, resume the main story.

Photography Club Walkthrough – School Stories

The Photography Club is unlocked by reaching Appeal level 5. Another day, another storyline emerges. This one is all about photography, and as with the ones that came before, you’ll have to go to the MRC to receive the brief from Amasawa. Your first task involves meeting up with the Photography Club.

  1. Head to the Photography Club Room

Toribe will give you a briefing on your first target. Whenever you’re ready, talk to her in order to head out and photograph a delinquent student. This one can be tricky if you’re not well positioned. We found the pillar on the right to provide a great view to the pickpocketing that’s about to occur. Don’t be afraid to get close enough as the target won’t notice you, but just keep enough distance. Then, after he has stolen the wallet, wait until he’s barely passing the field of view of the group of women that are closer to Yagami and take the picture.

Sadly, Fujimaru won’t be convinced so easily, and you’ll have to fight him. Things will calm down afterwards, and the sequence will be over.

2. Make an Appearance at the Photography Club Later

This objective has an odd phrasing. In our experience, we only had to take the elevator back to the first floor for the storyline to continue. If you open the map and see the highlighted icon on the Photography Club, you can return whenever you want to continue. Hikawa, the former club president, will be chatting with Toribe. After dodging a rather boring lecture, Toribe will tell you about the next target.

3. Go Photograph the Biker Gang

You’ve heard them. Taking this one can be quite tough at first since the biker gang moves in fast. You can easily complete the basic objectives, but if you want to also get the additional conditions , fail the first one. Move backwards towards the tree on your right until Yagami says he missed his chance. This spot will provide a great angle.

Then, bring up the camera, increase both zoom and focus to the maximum, and as soon as the gang is about to get through the crowd, activate Focus Mode to take the shot. As expected, this will end up in another fight. (There are plenty of signs and bicycles around — we’re not encouraging you to grab them during the encounter, of course… just a note).

Once you’re done, you and Toribe will return. Hikawa will give quite an ominous warning. After the conversation is over, you can either take your time or just do the same trick with the elevator. Now, things will escalate.

4. Investigate the Blackmailing Case with Toribe

The place is crowded with people, but Yagami is seeing this through no matter what. A stealth sequence will follow where you have to get to the second floor by going through the parked cars below. There are two guards patrolling, which you can distract and take down. The third and final one, which is close to the staircase, will be distracted easily by throwing a coin. Quickly go up the staircase and to the highlighted spot to end the sequence.

Now, on to the photograph. This is a toughie as the target isn’t alone. Instead, someone will be patrolling the cars where you’re hiding. There’s an easy way around this. As soon as the sequence starts, go all the way to the left side of the white van. You’ll be secure there. The shot itself is tricky since you need to capture that exact moment in which both of them are holding the envelope. For this, wait until the hand is approaching the center and activate Focus Time for a perfect snap. Then, prepare for another fight. A series of cutscenes will play out. Enjoy the closure of the storyline.

Girls’ Bar Walkthrough – School Stories

The Girls’ Bar is unlocked during Chapter 4 after completing the bug search with the Detector in the main storyline. The final club is rather unconventional as you will be visiting a girls’ bar. As per usual, you’ll have to go to the MRC to receive the brief from Amasawa. Then, your first task involves heading to Girl’s Bite. The bar in question is located in the Red District. There’s a taxi that will take you there — though keep in mind that there’s a 2,000 yen entry fee, in case you’ve spent all of Yagami’s savings in the SEGA arcade.

You will start by selecting a drink — pick any of the ones on the menu. Then, you’ll be introduced to Cocktail Talk, which is another minigame. Here you’ll have to form full sentences (so, including beginning, middle, and end) to answer questions about certain topics. Doing this correctly will improve your friendship with the person you’re speaking to. This first pass is straightforward enough, so just get the feel of the minigame.

Afterwards you’ll be given the gist of what the Girls’ Bar entails: Yagami will need to increase his friendship with the other bartenders before getting a chance to gain Emily’s interest. You can check your overall progress or gain tips on how to proceed from Mori at the bar. In addition, it’s recommended that you increase your alcohol tolerance. You can do this with the Barfly, Boozehound, and Borderline Alcoholic skills under the Special tab on your phone app.

  1. Continue with the Girls’ Bar investigation

You will begin with Haruko. You can interact with her directly for a Cocktail Talk or invite her to play darts with you. If you choose the latter, you’ll still be able to have a drink afterwards. Keep an eye on each of your relationships with the bartenders. If the meter progress gets to the padlock icon, leave the bar and enter again to advance it. Don’t try and engage in other Cocktail Talks, as you won’t progress at all. 

Once this happens, you will unlock the Between Blood and Booze Side Case. You will complete this organically by keeping up with the visits in the manner we mentioned before. You’ll get the chance to talk to Emily briefly. Then, it’s time to meet Ayaha. In the middle of the conversation a meter will show up — we went for Vibrant KP, which is the one in the center. This will go fairly similar to Haruko’s relationship. Have Cocktail Talks and/or play darts with Ayaha until the relationship is at the first padlock. After you leave and visit the bar again, a cutscene will lead you to the Random Fandom Side Case. Once more, just continue making visits until you get to the second padlock to continue the case.

After you’re done, return to Girl’s Bar whenever you’re ready for another chat with Emily. You’ll have to answer a question:

  • Of course I do – this is the correct answer.
  • Who knows.
  • Not particularly.

It’s time to meet Miu, who will be in the bar after your conversation with Emily. You know the drill: chat with her to kickstart the relationship and then do regular visits until the meter gets to the first padlock. This will get you the Big Shame Hunter Side Case the next time you visit.

Once you’re done, it’s time for another chat with Emily at the bar. You will find out that Emily might have a stalker, so Yagami will tail her to see if anybody suspicious appears. That’s indeed the case here, but you won’t chase the person just yet. You’ll at least be able to chat with Emily at the bar, so return there to continue the storyline. There won’t be a side case this time around. Instead, get to the second padlock as before to progress. After a short cutscene, you’ll end up in a fight.

You’ll be back inside the bar in no time. During the conversation, you’ll have a prompt to respond:

  • I enjoyed myself – this is the correct answer.
  • Strictly work – this is the boring answer.

Enjoy the final cutscene and the closure of this storyline. Finishing this will unlock the Step by Step Side Case, as well as a possible romance with Emily.